This post is dedicated to Nigerian composer and ethnomusicologist, Joshua Uzoigwe (July 1, 1946 – October 15, 2005).

Joshua Uzoigwe
Joshua Uzoigwe - from the personal collection of Godwin Sadoh


I recently received an email from Professor Godwin Sadoh, who has been an avid supporter of the work that has gone into creating this site. As a prolific scholar of African Art Music in particular, he was kind enough to provide me with a complete list of his publications featuring the life and work of Uzoigwe and "specifically set to preserve his legacy and meritorious  contributions to Nigerian art music".

The full list is below. Let me know if you find any of these useful!



Five Decades of Music Transmutation in Nigeria and the Diaspora. Columbus, OH:  GSS Publications, 2015. 50% discount for a limited period.

Joshua Uzoigwe: Memoirs of a Nigerian Composer-Ethnomusicologist.  S.C.: Booksurge Publishing, 2007.

“Joshua Uzoigwe: An Introduction to the Life and Music of a Modern Nigerian Composer.” [M.A. Thesis, University of Pittsburgh, 1998].


"Cross-Cultural Expressions in the Music of Joshua Uzoigwe."  Musical Times, vol.157, No.1935 (Summer 2016): 99–106. [UK]

“African Musicology: A Bibliographical Guide to Nigerian Art Music (1927-2009).”  MLA Notes 66, No. 3 (March 2010): 485-502. [U.S.A.]

“Modern Nigerian Music: The Post-Colonial Experience.” Musical Times 150, No. 1908 (Autumn 2009): 79-84. [U.K.]

“The Emergence of Percussion in Nigerian Art Music.” Percussive Notes 46, No. 6  (December 2008): 52-61. [U.S.A.]

“Twentieth-Century Nigerian Composers.” Choral Journal 47, No. 10(April 2007): 33-39. [U.S.A.]

“Nigerian Art Music Composers.” NTAMA Journal of African Music and Popular Culture, Universität Hildesheim, Germany.  January 10, 2007. [Germany]

“Hybrid Composition: An Introduction to the Age of Atonality in Nigeria.” The Diapason 97,  No. 11 (November 2006): 22-25. [U.S.A.]

“The Creative Experience of a Contemporary Nigerian Composer.” Living Music 20, No. 1 (Spring 2005) : 6-9. [U.S.A.]

“Intercultural Creativity in Joshua Uzoigwe’s Music.”  Africa 74, no. 4 (Dec. 2004) : 633-661.  Africa is the official journal of the International African Institute, London,  United Kingdom. [U.K.]

“Joshua Uzoigwe.”  Published at September, 2003.  In Contemporary Africa Database, London, [U.K.].

“Creativity and Dance in Joshua Uzoigwe’s Music.”  Composer-USA 9, no. 2 [Spring 2003]: 4-5.  [U.S.A.]

These publications have been cataloged in prestigious libraries all over the world, including Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institute, American Ivy Leagues, and world-class university libraries in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa (especially Nigeria and South Africa).


A CD of piano works by African composers including Joshua Uzoigwe's Talking Drums.  
Pianist: Silvia Belfiore
Release Date: 2020.

More on Joshua Uzoigwe can be found in his Wikipedia page.

Don't forget you can find a list of more general information related to this research on the Resources page.

2 thoughts on “Joshua Uzoigwe – A resource list

  • 15th October 2019 at 2:39 pm

    Uche, excellent write-up to the memory of Joshua Uzoigwe. Keep up the good work on black composers.

    • 15th October 2019 at 3:02 pm

      Thank you! I really appreciate your support with this project. I’m glad to be able to direct other people to the great work you’re doing in memorialising some of these musicians 🙂


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