The plainsightSOUND database

The database is a music list of over 400 (and growing) pieces of music written and recorded by composers and performers of Black African descent who were active before 1970. The focus is on music written in European classical/art music styles and related or hybrid genres. If you know any composers or pieces that are missing from this lists and would like to help complete the project, suggestions can be submitted for consideration here.

PlainsightSOUND is a work in progress and this means that some categories might still be missing information. A search function has been included but search results e.g. for specific instruments or groupings might be incomplete at this stage. Where known, abbreviated instrumentation has been used. For now, sorting via composer name or medium will give you more complete results.

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SurnameFirst name(s)TitleMedium categoryDatePublisherDurationInstrumentation
AkpabotSamuelThree Nigerian Dancesorchestral1978Oxford University Press [Score & parts (hire only)]Availabletmp strm
AkpabotSamuelScenes from Nigeria (1st mov't arr.)concertoOxford University PressUnavailablesolo cl strm
AkpabotSamuelScenes from Nigeria Op. 1orchestral1960Oxford University PressUnavailablem
AkpabotSamuelOverture for a Nigerian Ballet Op. 2orchestral1960Oxford University PressUnavailablem
AkpabotSamuelIse Oluwa (Nigerian folk tune) Op. 8choral (accompanied)UnavailableSATB pnom
AkpabotSamuelJaja of Opoboopera/operetta1972Unavailablem
AkpabotSamuelOfala Festivalorchestral1963Unavailableww orch+ five African instrumentsm
AkpabotSamuelVerba Christi Op. 12cantata1975Unavailablesoloist, ch + orchm
AkpabotSamuelTwo Nigerian Folk Tuneschoral (accompanied)1974Unavailablech + pnom
AkpabotSamuelThree Roads to Tomorrowfilm music1967Unavailablem
AkpabotSamuelJourney Through Africafilm music1965Unavailablem
AkpabotSamuelTe Deum Laudamuschurch anthem1975Unavailablem
AkpabotSamuelThe Pythonvocal (accompanied)Unavailablev + orgm
AkpabotSamuelPut Una Money for Therefilm music1956Unavailablem
AkpabotSamuelCynthia's Lament Op. 6orchestral1965Unavailablesoloist, ww orch+ six African instrumentsm
AkpabotSamuelNigeria in Conflictorchestral1973Unavailableww orchm
AldridgeAmandaA Song of Spring1909Boosey and Co.UnavailableP. J. O'Reillyf
AldridgeAmandaA Summer Love Songvocal (accompanied)1907Boosey and Co.Unavailablemed v + pnof
AldridgeAmandaAn Assyrian Love Song1921Elkin & Co.UnavailableFred G. Bowlesf
AldridgeAmandaAzaleavocal (accompanied)1907Ascherberg, Hopwood and CrewUnavailablemed v + pnof
AldridgeAmandaBagdad suitesolo1929Chappell & CoUnavailable(1) The royal guard; (2) The garden beautiful; (3) Hail, hail, O Caliph the Great!pnof
AldridgeAmandaBlue days of Junevocal (accompanied)1915Chappell & CoUnavailableF. E. Weatherlylow v + pnof
AldridgeAmandaCarnival suite of five dancessolo1924Chappell & CoUnavailable(1) Calvade; (2) Pierrette; (3) Harlequin; (4) Columbine; (5) Frolicpnof
AldridgeAmandaFour Moorish pictures: An Eastern suiteorchestralFaber Music/Warner ChappellAvailableAlso published under the name 'Montague Ring'f
AldridgeAmandaFour Moorish pictures: An Eastern suitepiano1927Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew [section available here]Available
AldridgeAmandaLittle Brown Messenger1912RicordiUnavailableFred G. Bowlesf
AldridgeAmandaFour Moorish pictures: An Eastern suitesoloUnavailableAlso arranged for orchestra(1) Prayer before battle; (2) Dance of the slave girls; (3) Twilight dance; (4) Dance of triumphpnof
AldridgeAmandaLittle Missie Cakewalk1908Lublin & CoUnavailableTalbot OwenBanjo accompaniment by Clifford Essexf
AldridgeAmandaLittle Rose in My Hairvocal (accompanied)1917Chappell & CoUnavailableEileen Price-Evansmed v + pnof
AldridgeAmandaA noontide songUnavailablef
AldridgeAmandaLove's Golden Dayvocal (accompanied)1917Chappell & CoUnavailableEileen Price-Evansv + pnof
AldridgeAmandaMirette: Serenadesolo1934Walsh, Holmes and Co.Unavailablepnof
AldridgeAmandaMiss Magnolia Brown1907Francis, Day & HunterUnavailableMontague Ringf
AldridgeAmandaMy Dreamy, Creamy, Coloured Girl1907Ascherberg, Hopwood and CrewUnavailableMontague Ringf
AldridgeAmandaMy Little Corncrake Coon1908Lublin & CoUnavailableTalbot Owenf
AldridgeAmandaOn Parademilitary band1914Boosey and Co. [IMSLP (parts only)]AvailableEb fl+picc. 2ob. 2Eb cl. 3Bb cl. 2bn/bcl. as/acl(Eb) 2tpt. 2crt. 4hn. bt. 3tbn. Euph. Bs. Db. drums
AldridgeAmandaSimple Wisdom1908Lublin & CoUnavailableH. Simpsonf
AldridgeAmandaSummah is de Lovin' Time. A Summer Night1909Chappell & CoUnavailablePaul Laurence Dunbarf
AldridgeAmandaSupplication1914Leonard & Co.UnavailableP. J. O'Reillyf
AldridgeAmandaThe Bridevocal (accompanied)1910Chappell & CoUnavailableP. J. O'Reillyhigh v + pnof
AldridgeAmandaThe Fickle Songstervocal (accompanied)Cary & CoUnavailableH. Simpsonmed v + pnof
AldridgeAmandaThree African Dancessolo1913Chappell & Co [Score]Available(1) The call to the feast; (2) Luleta's dance; (3) Dance of the warriorspnof
AldridgeAmandaThree African Dancesorchestral1913Chappell & CoUnavailablePiano conductor score and 12 parts (1) The call to the feast; (2) Luleta's dance; (3) Dance of the warriorsf
AldridgeAmandaThree Arabian Dancessolo1919Chappell & CoUnavailable(1) Carnival; (2) By the fountain; (3) Bedouinpnof
AldridgeAmandaThree Arabian Dancesmilitary band1920Chappell & Co [IMSLP (parts only)]Available(1) Carnival; (2) By the fountain; (3) Bedouinfl+picc(Eb). Fl+picc(C) 2ob. 2Eb cl. 4Bb cl. 2bn. as/acl(Eb). Tsax/bcl. 2tpt. 2crt. 4hn. bt. 3tbn. Euph. Bs. drums
AldridgeAmandaThree pictures from Syriaorchestral1924MetzlerUnavailable(1) The desert patrol; (2) Beneath the crescent moon; (3) The pursuitf
AldridgeAmandaThree pictures from Syriasolo1924MetzlerUnavailable(1) The desert patrol; (2) Beneath the crescent moon; (3) The pursuitpnof
AldridgeAmandaThree pictures from Syriaorchestral1924MetzlerUnavailable(1) The desert patrol; (2) Beneath the crescent moon; (3) The pursuitchamber orchf
AldridgeAmandaThrough the Dayvocal (accompanied)1910Boosey and Co.UnavailableP. J. O'Reilly(1) Morning; (2) Noon; (3) Eveningmed v + pnof
AldridgeAmandaTis morningvocal (accompanied)1925RicordiUnavailablePaul Laurence Dubarhigh v + pnof
AldridgeAmandaTwo Little Southern Songsvocal (accompanied)1912Chappell & CoUnavailableFred B. Bowles(1) Kentucky love song; (2) June in Kentuckymed v + pnof
AldridgeAmandaTwo songs of the desertvocal (accompanied)1923RicordiUnavailableFred G. Bowles(1) An Eastern lullaby; (2) Camel-bells; (3) A warrior's love songhigh v + pnof
AldridgeAmandaWhen the Coloured Lady Saunters Down the Street1907Ascherberg, Hopwood and CrewUnavailableMontague Ringf
AldridgeAmandaWhere the Paw-Paw Grows1907Ascherberg, Hopwood and CrewUnavailableHenry Francis Downingf
Ballanta TaylorNicholasUnavailablem
BankoleAyoYa Orulesolo1957Unavailablepnom
BankoleAyoNigerian Suitesolo1957ChappellUnavailablepnom
BankoleAyoChristmas Sonatasolo1959Unavailablepnom
BankoleAyoThe Passion Sonatasolo1959University of Ife PressUnavailablepnom
BankoleAyoEnglish Winterbirdssolo1961Unavailablepnom
BankoleAyoFugal DancesoloUnavailablepnom
BankoleAyoToccata and Fuguesolo1960University of Ife PressUnavailableorgm
BankoleAyoThree Toccatassolo1967Unavailableorgm
BankoleAyoCantata in Yoruba : Baba Se Wa Ni Omo Rere (Father make us good children)choral (orchestral)1958Unavailablefemale ch + chamber orchm
BankoleAyoSonata No. 2 in C (Pàssion)1958Unavailablem
BankoleAyoSong Cycle for Bass Baritone1958Unavailablem
BankoleAyoBeni Arunkarun Kan Ki Yio Sunmo Irere1959Unavailablem
BankoleAyoThree Part Songschoral (unaccompanied)1959University of Ife PressUnavailablefemale chm
BankoleAyoThree Yoruba Songsvocal (accompanied)1959Unavailablebass + pnom
BankoleAyoChristmas Comes But Once a Year1959Unavailablem
BankoleAyoKerisimesi Odun De1960Unavailablem
BankoleAyoThe Children of the Sun1961Unavailablem
BankoleAyoChoral Fugue1962Unavailablem
BankoleAyoCantata in Yoruba : Jonatheatre/drama1964Unavailablesop solo, speaker in English, drum, pno, tambura + orchm
BankoleAyoCanon for Christmas1964Unavailablem
BankoleAyoLittle Jesus1964Unavailablem
BankoleAyoAnd Art Thou Come1964Unavailablem
BankoleAyoEru O b'Omo Aje1964Unavailablem
BankoleAyoGod Rest You Merry1966Unavailablem
BankoleAyoBe Prepared (Girl Guide's Jubilee Song)1966Unavailablem
BankoleAyoTen Yoruba Songsvocal (accompanied)1966Unavailablev + pnom
BankoleAyoAngels from the Realms1966Unavailablem
BankoleAyoOre-Ofe Jesu Kristi (The Grace of Jesus)choral (unaccompanied)1967Unavailablem
BankoleAyoThe School Song (for Auntie Ayo's Girls Comprehensive School) Salve Christe1968Unavailablem
BankoleAyoPs 231968Unavailablem
BankoleAyoAdura fun Alafia (Prayer for peace)vocal (accompanied)1969Unavailablev + pnom
BankoleAyoOna Ara (Mysterious ways)choral (accompanied)1970Unavailablefull ch, soloists, organ + Yoruba instrumentsm
BankoleAyoFun Mi Ni 'Beji No. Ichoral (unaccompanied)1970Unavailablem
BankoleAyoFun Mi Ni 'Beji No. IIchoral (unaccompanied)1970Unavailablem
BankoleAyoLove Everlasting1972Unavailablem
BankoleAyoMighty Africa Games1973Unavailablem
BankoleAyoCantata in English and Yoruba : Festacchoral (accompanied)1974Unavailablesoloists, ch + orch (incl. ww, br + some Nigerian traditional instruments)m
BankoleAyoFestac Cantata No. 41976Unavailablem
BankoleAyoGrand Little OneUnavailablem
BankoleAyoGbogbo Aiye E Yo E HoUnavailablem
BankoleAyoSweet Sweet JesusUnavailablem
BologneJosephL'Amont Anonymetheatre/dramaChevalier de Saint-Georgesplay by Mme de Genliscomedy with songs and balletsm
BologneJosephSonata in Eb for flute and harpduoChevalier de Saint-Georgesfl hpm
BologneJosephErnestineopera/operettaChevalier de Saint-Georges (comic opera)Choderlos de Laclos (revised by Desfontaines)Lost but a few numbers survivem
BologneJosephLa Partie de chasseopera/operettaChevalier de Saint-Georges (comic opera)DesfontainesLost but a few numbers survivem
BologneJosephLa Fille garconopera/operettaChevalier de Saint-Georges (comic opera)DesmaillotLostm
BologneJosephAline et Dupré, ou le marchand de marronschildren's operaChevalier de Saint-GeorgesLostm
BologneJosephGuillaume tout coeur ou les amis du villageopera/operettaChevalier de Saint-Georges (comic opera)MonnetLostm
BologneJosephDeux Symphonies à plusieurs instruments, Op. XI, No. 1 in GorchestralChevalier de Saint-GeorgesNo. 2 in D is identical to Overture to "L'Amont anonyme"0200 2000 strm
BologneJosephDeux Symphonies à plusieurs instruments, Op. XI, No. 2 in DorchestralMerion Music (distributed by Theodore Presser) 10 minsChevalier de Saint-Georges2202 2000 strm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. II, No. 1 in Gconcerto1773BailleuxChevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. II, No. 2 in Dconcerto1773Artaria Editions20 minsChevalier de Saint-Georges0200 2000 strm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. III, No. 1 in Dconcerto1774Artaria Editions18 minsChevalier de Saint-Georges2202 2000 strm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. III, No. 2 in Cconcerto1774Artaria Editions13 minsChevalier de Saint-Georgesstrm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. IV, No. 1 in Dconcerto1774BailleuxChevalier de Saint-GeorgesNo. 1 also published as Op. post while No. 2 also known as 'Op. 4'm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. IV, No. 2 in Dconcerto1774Chevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. V, No.1 in Cconcerto1775Artaria Editions score and parts // piano reduction23 minsChevalier de Saint-Georges0200 2000 strm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. V, No. 2 in Aconcerto1775Artaria Editions score and parts // piano reduction 22 minsChevalier de Saint-Georges0200 2000 strm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. VII, No. 1 in AconcertoBailleuxChevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. VII, No. 2 in B flatconcertoChevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. VIII, No. 1 in Dconcerto1777BailleuxChevalier de Saint-Georges(No. 2 issued by Sieber, LeDuc and Henry as No. 9. No 1 is also known simply as "op 8"m
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. VIII, No. 2 in Gconcerto1777Artaria Editions piano reduction23 minsChevalier de Saint-Georgesstrm
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. XII, No. 1 in Ebconcerto1777BailleuxChevalier de Saint-Georgesboth issued by Sieber as No. 10 and No. 11m
BologneJosephViolin Concerto Op. XII,No. 2 in Gconcerto1777Artaria Editions20 minsChevalier de Saint-Georges0200 2000 strm
BologneJosephSinfonia Concertante Op. IV, No. 1 in Csinfonia concertante1775BailleuxChevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephSinfonia Concertante Op. IV, No. 2 in B flatsinfonia concertante1775Chevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephSinfonia Concertante for Two Violins and string orchestra Op. IX, No. 1 in Csinfonia concertante1777Artaria Editions12 minsChevalier de Saint-Georgesstrm
BologneJosephSinfonia Concertante for Two Violins and orchestra Op. IX, No. 2 in Asinfonia concertante1777Artaria Editions15 minsChevalier de Saint-Georges0200 2000 strm
BologneJosephSinfonia Concertante Op. X, for two violins and viola, No. 1 in Fsinfonia concertante1778La ChevardiereChevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephSinfonia Concertante Op. X, for two violins and viola, No. 2 in Asinfonia concertante1778Chevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephSinfonia Concertante Op. XIII, No. 1 in E flatsinfonia concertante1778SieberChevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephSinfonia Concertante Op. XIII, No. 2 in Gsinfonia concertante1778Chevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephTrois Sonates for keyboard with violin B flat, A, and G minor, Op. 1aduo1781LeDuc / Artaria EditionsChevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephSonata for harp with flute obligato in E flatduoChevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephSonate de clavecin avec violin obligé G major, arrangement of Saint-Georges's violin concerto Op. II No. 1 in G, in the collection "Choix de musique du duc regnant des Deux-Ponts."duoChevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephSix Sonatas for violin accompanied by a second violin: B flat, E flat, A, G, B flat, A: Op. posth.duo1800PleyelChevalier de Saint-Georgesm
BologneJosephCello SonataduoChevalier de Saint-GeorgesLost mentioned by a review in the Gazette du departement du Nord, April 10, 1792.m
BologneJosephSix quatuors à cordes, pour 2 vls, alto & basse, dédiés au prince de Robecq, in C, E flat, g minor, c minor, g minor, & D. Op. 1chamber group1773SieberChevalier de Saint-Georges2 vn va vcm
BologneJosephSix quartetto concertans "Aux gout du jour", no Opus number. In B flat, g minor, C, F, G, & B flatchamber group1779Durieu / Artaria EditionsChevalier de Saint-GeorgesOriginally composed 1777. Durieu edition contains high number of errors2 vn va vcm
BologneJosephSix Quatuors concertans, oeuvre XIV, in D, B flat, f minor, G, E flat, & g minorchamber group1785BoyerChevalier de Saint-Georges2 vn va vcm
BologneJosephRecueil d'airs et duos avec orchestre: stamped Conservatoire de musique #4077, now in the music collection of the Bibliothèque Nationalevocal (orchestral)Chevalier de Saint-Georges0200 2000 str vm
BridgetowerFrederickSix Pathetic Canzonetsvocal (accompanied)high v + pnom
BridgetowerFrederickMultum in Parvo (Much in a little) in the form of six chromatic waltzessolo/chamberpno (vn/fl obbl.)m
BridgetowerFrederickPastoral Rondosolopnom
BridgetowerGeorgeA collection of new songs, composed by an Africanvocal (accompanied)Unavailablev + pnom
BridgetowerGeorgeConcerto for violin and violoncellosinfonia concertanteUnavailablePossibly spuriousvn, vc + orchm
BridgetowerGeorgeDiatonica armonica for the pianofortesolo1812R. BirchallUnavailablepnom
BridgetowerGeorgeSonata mulattica for violin and pianoduoUnavailablem
BridgetowerGeorgeSymphonyUnavailablePossibly spuriousm
BridgetowerGeorgeJubilee quintet for string quartet and double basschamber groupArrangement of God Save the Kindm
BridgetowerGeorgeHenry: A balladvocal (accompanied)Monzani & CoUnavailablemed v + pnom
BridgetowerJohannes Albertusm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.6 - Little Songs for Little Folksvocal (accompanied)1898high v + pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.1 - Piano Quintetchamber group18932 vn va vc pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.2 - Nonet (1893)chamber group1893ob cl hn bn vn va vc db pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.3 - Suite for Violin and Pianoduovn pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.4 - Ballade in D Minor for Violin and Orchestraconcerto1895vn orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.5 - 5 Fantasiestücke for String Quartetchamber group18952 vn va vcm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.7 - Zara's Ear-Rings for Solo Voice1895m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.8 - Symphony in A Minororchestral1896Premiered(?) 6 March 1896orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.9 - 2 Romantic Pieces for Violin and Pianoduovn pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.10 - Clarinet Quintet in F Sharp minorchamber groupcl 2vn va vcm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.12 - 5 Love Songs1896m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.13 - String Quartet in D Minorchamber group1896UnavailableLost2 vn va vcm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.14 - Legende for Violin and Orchestraconcerto1897vn orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.15 - Land of the Sun, Song1897m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.16 - 3 Hiawathan Sketches for Violin and Pianoduo1896vn pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.17 - 7 African Romances, Songs1897m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.18 - Morning and Evening Service1899m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.19 - 2 Moorish Tone-pictures for Pianosolo1897pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.20 - Gipsy Suite for Violin and Pianoduo1897vn pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.21 - 2 Partsongsm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.22 - 4 Characteristic Waltzes for Orchestraorchestral1899orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.23 - Valse Caprice for Violin and Pianoduo1898vn pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.24 - In Memoriam, 3 Songs1898m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.25 - Dream Lovers, Operatic Romance1898m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.26 - The Gitanos, Cantata-Operettaopera/operetta1898m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.28 - Violin Sonata in D Minorduovn pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.29 - 3 Songsm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.30 - Scenes from The Song of Hiawatha1898/99m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.31 - 3 Humoresques for Pianosolo1897pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.33 - Ballade in A Minor for Orchestraorchestral1898orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.35 - African Suite for Pianosolo1898pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.37 - 6 Songs1899m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.38 - 3 Silhouettes for Pianosolo1897pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.39 - Romance in G Major for Violin and Orchestraconcerto1899vn orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.40 - Solemn Prelude for Orchestraorchestral1899orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.41 - 4 Scenes from an Everyday Romance, Suite for Orchestraorchestral1900orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.42 - The Soul's Expression, 4 Sonnets1900m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.43 - The Blind Girl of Castél-Cuillé1901m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.44 - Idyll for Orchestraorchestral1901orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.45 - 6 American Lyrics1903m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.46 - Toussaint l'Ouverture1901m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.47 - Herod, Incidental Musicorchestralorchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.48 - Meg Blane, Rhapsodyorchestralorchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.49 - Ulysses, Incidental Musicorchestral1901-02orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.50 - 3 Song-Poems1905m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.51 - Ethiopia Saluting the Colours, Marchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.52 - 4 Noveletten for Strings, Tambourine and Triangleorchestral1903str percm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.53 - The Atonement, Sacred Cantatacantata1903m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.54 - 5 Choral Ballads1904m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.55 - Moorish Dance for Pianosolo1904pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.56 - 3 Cameos for Pianosolo1904pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.57 - 6 Sorrow Songs1904m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.58 - 4 African Dances for Violin and Pianoduo1904vn pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.59 - 24 Negro Melodies for Pianosolo1905pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.59 - Romance for Violin1904vn pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.61 - Kubla Khan, Rhapsodyorchestral1906orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.62 - Nero, Incidental Musicorchestral1906orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.63 - Symphonic Variations on an African Air for Orchestraorchestral1906orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.64 - 4 Scenes de Ballet for Pianosolo1906pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.65 - Endymion's Dream, Cantatacantata1910m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.66 - 5 Forest Scenes for Pianosolo1907pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.67 - 3 Partsongs1905m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.68 - Bon-Bon Suite, Cantatacantata1908m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.69 - Sea Drift, Choral Rhapsodychoral (orchestral)1908ch + orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.70 - Faust, Incidental Musicorchestral1908orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.71 - Three-Fours, Valse Suite for Pianosolo1909pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.72 - Thelmaopera/operettam
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.73 - Ballade for Violin and Pianoduo1907vn pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.74 - Scenes from an Imaginary Balletorchestral1910orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.75 - The Bamboula, Rhapsodic Danceorchestral1910orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.76 - A Tale of Old Japan, Cantatacantata1911m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.77 - Petite Suite de Concert for Orchestraorchestral1911orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.78 - 3 Impromptus for Organsolo1913orgm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.79 - Othello, Incidental Musicorchestral1910/11orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.80 - Violin Concertoconcerto1912vn orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.81 - 2 Songsm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.82 - Hiawatha, Balletorchestralorchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelOp.82 - Minnehaha, Suiteorchestralorchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelA Lovely Little Dream for stringsorchestralstrm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuel8 Anthemsm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelClarinet Sonata in F Minorduo1893Unavailablelostm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelFantasiestück in A Major for Cello and Orchestraconcerto1907vc orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuel5 Fairy Ballads, Songs1909m
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelFrom the Prairie, Rhapsody for Orchestraorchestralorchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelInterlude for Organsoloorgm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelPapillon for Pianosolo1908pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelPiano Sonata in C Minorsolopnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelPiano Trio in E Minorchamber group1893vn vc pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuel3 Short Pieces for Organsolo1898orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuel2 Songs (1909)vocal (accompanied)1909v pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuel2 Songs (1916)vocal (accompanied)1916v pnom
Colderidge-TaylorSamuel5 Songs of Sun and Shadem
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelSt. Agnes Eve, Incidental Musicorchestral1912orchm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelTe Deum1890London - tonal, traditional. Possibly not much African influence but would need to listen to itm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelThe Clown and the Columbine, Melodramam
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelViking Songm
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelVariations on an Original Themem
Colderidge-TaylorSamuelVariations for Cello and Pianoduo1918vc pnom
DunbarRudolphTreatise on the clarinet (Boehm system)instructional1939John E. Dallas & SonsUnavailableLatest edition pub 1947m
EchezonaWilliam Wilberforcem
EmidyJoseph Antoniom
EmidyThomas Hutchinsm
EubaAkinFour Modern African Poems1994SOASm
EubaAkinWakar Duru: Studies in African Pianism 1-3solo1987pnom
EubaAkinString Quartet *chamber group1957m
EubaAkinWind Quintet *chamber group1967m
EubaAkinTwo Yoruba Folk Songs (arr.)choral (unaccompanied)1959SATBm
EubaAkinFive Pieces for English Horn and Pianoduo1963m
EubaAkinSix Yoruba Folk Songsvocal (accompanied)1959v + pnom
EubaAkinThree Yoruba Folk Songsvocal (accompanied)1963Oriki scoresbar, pno + iyalum
EubaAkinIgi Nla Sochamber group1953Oriki scorespno + four Yoruba drumsm
EubaAkinFour Pictures from Oyo Calabashessolo1964pnom
EubaAkinImpressions from Akwete Clothsolo1964pnom
EubaAkinIce Cubesorchestral1970str orchm
EubaAkinThe Wandererduo1960vc, pnom
EubaAkinScenes from Traditional Lifesolo1977University of Ife Presspnom
EubaAkinSaturday Night at Caban Bamboosolo1964pnom
EubaAkinIntroduction and Allegro for orchestraorchestral1956m
EubaAkinAbiku No Ichamber group1965Nigerian instrumentsm
EubaAkinFour Pieces for African orchestraorchestral1966African orchm
EubaAkinOlurombi for Symphony Orchestraorchestral1967m
EubaAkinAbiku No IIchoral (orchestral)1968Three part choir and Five Nigerian instrumentsJ P ClarkSOAS3-part ch + Nigerian instrumentsm
EubaAkinDirgestheatre/drama1972speakers, dancers + Nigerian instrumentsm
EubaAkinAlantanganatheatre/drama1975singers, dancers + Nigerian instrumentsm
EubaAkinTwo Tortoise Folk Talestheatre/drama1975speakers + Nigerian instrumentsm
EubaAkinMorning, Noon and Nighttheatre/drama1967singers, dancers + Nigerian instrumentsm
EubaAkinChaka: An Opera in Two Chants (rev. 1999)opera/operetta1970from an epic poem by Léopold Sédar Senghorm
EubaAkinBlack Bethlehemorchestral1979soloists, ch, Nigerian drums + jazz ensemblem
EubaAkinBelow Rusumo Fallschamber group2003Olusola Oyeleyev, dancer, kayagum, fl, drums, + pnom
EubaAkinPiano Music of Akin Eubarecording1989mPeter Schmalfuss
EubaAkinChaka: An Opera in Two Chantsrecording1999oint Richmond, California, United States: Music Research Institute MRI-001CD.from an epic poem by Léopold Sédar Senghorm
EubaAkinTowards an African Pianism: An Anthology of Keyboard Music From Africa and the Diaspora. Vol. 1.recording2005Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States: A Bridge Across: Intercultural Composition, Performance, Musicology, Department of Music, University of Pittsburgh, ABA 001 CDm
EubaAkinTowards an African Pianism: An Anthology of Keyboard Music From Africa and the Diaspora. Vol. 2.recording2005Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States: A Bridge Across: Intercultural Composition, Performance, Musicology, Department of Music, University of Pittsburgh, ABA 002 CDm
EubaAkinMusic Adapts to a Changed World: A Leading Composer Looks at How Africa’s Musical Traditions Have Expanded to Suit Contemporary Society.academic writing1970Africa Report, November 1970, pp. 24–27m
EubaAkinYoruba Music in the Church: The Development of a Neo-African Art Among the Yoruba of Nigeria.academic writing1989African Musicology: Current Trends: A Festschrift Presented to J. H. Kwabena Nketia, ed. J. C. DjeDje and W. G. Carter (Atlanta, Georgia), pp. 45–63m
FiberesimaAdamTrumpet Concerto No. 1concertom
FiberesimaAdamTrumpet Concerto No. 2concertom
FiberesimaAdamFantasia Originm
FiberesimaAdamOpu Jajaopera/operettam
FiberesimaAdamBuluwayomusical theatrem
FiberesimaAdamMusic for Brass Bandbrass bandm
FiberesimaAdamConcert Overtunesorchestralm
FiberesimaAdamThree Balladsm
FiberesimaAdamSymphony No. 1m
FiberesimaAdamSymphony No. 2m
FiberesimaAdamSymphony No. 3m
FiberesimaAdamSymphony No. 4m
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonHow sweet is lifevocal (orchestral)1917William Archer PlowrightMarch 27, 1917; Marjorie Perkins, sopranomed v + orchm
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonAframopera/operetta1924Beneath the palmettos and pines; Blues des contrebaniers et des policiers; The Carolina strut; Chanson di prince; Chanson negre: O bye and bye; Dance of the cotton pickers; Danse d'amour; Kentucky Kate; L'il Liza Jane; Lamentation; Nobody knows de trouble I see; Pretty kids; Tableau de la plantationm
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonAfrican war danceorchestral1925m
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonAmber eyes1925m
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonCharlestonia: Rhapsody, no. 1 op. 12orchestral1925July 1925; Kursaal, Ostend; F. Rasse, conductorm
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonBaby darling, baby minevocal (accompanied)1919Premiered by Evelyn Dove, sopranoAlbert Rooms, Londonmed v + pnom
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonDoubtingvocal (accompanied)1917December 11, 1917; Queen's Hall, Londonmed v + pnom
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonFolk rhapsody, no. 2: Rapsodie spirituelleorchestral1923November 2, 1919; Wigmore Hall, London; Edmund Thornton Jenkins, conductorm
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonThe fiddler's fiddlevocal (accompanied)1917December 11, 1917; Queen's Hall, Londonmed v + pnom
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonI want you near mem
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonIf I were to tell you I love you1925m
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonLove's hourvocal (accompanied)1916William Archer PlowrightDecember 15, 1916; Adah Rogalsky, sopranomed v + pnom
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonMuch adoorchestral1916June 27, 1916; Queen's Hall, Londonm
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonA prayervocal (accompanied)1925Anglo-Continental-American Music PressParisBenjamin G. BrawleyCBMRmed v + pnom
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonPrelude religieuxconcerto1917June 22, 1917; Queen's Hall, Londonorg orchm
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonReverie phantasieduo1919August 8, 1919; Albert Rooms, London; Angelita Riveira, violin; Edmund Jenkins, pianovn pnom
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonA Romancevocal (accompanied)1917December 11, 1917; Queen's Hall, Londonmed v + pnom
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonRomanceconcerto1918March 22, 1918; Gladys Chester, violinvn orchm
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonThe Saxophone Strut1925m
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonSlow movement and rondochamber group1919March 5, 1919; Mary Underwood, flute?, G. Stutely, clarinet?; Edmund Jenkins, clarinet; Francis Bradley horn?; Marjorie Herman, piano?ww quartet + pnom
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonSpring fanciessolo1920Anglo-Continental-American Music PressParisCMBRpnom
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonSonata in A majorduo1925vc pnom
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonSymphony, op. 14orchestral1926Possibly left unorchestrated but reconstructed at 25-30 minutesm
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonThat Place called Italy1925m
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonTwo Ballet Airsorchestralm
JenkinsEdmund ThorntonCharlestonia: Rhapsody, no. 1 op. 12recordingRediscovered by Vincent Plush in the library of Columbia College in 1994. Restored by him from 2 piano short-scores and harp part, adding a new ending. This version first performed by the Charleston Symphony Orchestra under the late David Stahl in the Sottile Theatre, Charleston c. August 1996.mVocalEssence Ensemble/Philip Brunelle
LawrenceRitaRita Cannf
MoeraneMichael MosoeuFatše la Heso (My Country)orchestral1941African Composers Editions [Score & parts]11'AvailablePremiered by BBC Symphony Orchestra in 1944 cond. Clifford Curzon2222 4331 tmp perc pno, hp strm
MoeraneMichael MosoeuFatše la Heso (My Country)recording1944UnavailableTone poemmBBCSO cond. Clarence Raybould (destroyed)
MoeraneMichael MosoeuFatše la Heso (My Country)recording1944Marco Polo/NaxosUnavailablemSANSO cond. Edgar Cree
MoeraneMichael MosoeuChoraleorchestralschool orchmSouth African Broadcasting Corporation National SO cond. Peter Marchbank
MoeraneMichael MosoeuSunriseorchestralschool orchm
MoeraneMichael MosoeuWhy worry?orchestralschool orchm
MoeraneMichael MosoeuAlbum for the Youngsolopnom
MoeraneMichael MosoeuSunny South suitesolopnom
NayoNicholas ZinzendorfMandela Overturechoral (orchestral)1991based on South African national anthem themesPremiered following Mandela's 1991 post-release visit to Ghanasoloists, ch + orchm
NketiaJ. H. K.Republic Suiteduo1960AM PublishersAvailablefl pnom
NketiaJ. H. K.African Pianism: Twelve Pedagogical Pieces for PianosoloAM PublishersAvailablepnom
NketiaJ. H. K.Canzona for flute, oboe and pianochamber groupm
NketiaJ. H. K.Canzona for flute, oboe, piano and percussionchamber groupm
NketiaJ. H. K.Odasuom - midnightduoob pnom
NketiaJ. H. K.Ananse Akuamoa for violin, cello and percussionchamber groupvn vc percm
NketiaJ. H. K.Antubam for cello and pianoduovc pnom
NketiaJ. H. K.Asaadua for violin and pianoduovn pnom
NketiaJ. H. K.Atenteben for bamboo flutesolobamboo flm
NketiaJ. H. K.The Music of Africaacademic writing1974m
NketiaJ. H. K.Ethnomusicoloy and African Musicacademic writing2005m
NzewiMekiDeath and the Dance of the Spirits - Symphonic Poem in Two Movementsorchestralm
NzewiMekiThe Lost Fingertheatre/drama1980music dramam
NzewiMekiThe Ombudspirit: Your Life Depends on Ittheatre/drama1981Elkar Booksmusic dramam
OheloReverend DrLarakaraka In Maaorchestralstr + 4 drummers?m
PhillipsThomas King Ekundayom
RadebeMark Sm
SanchoIgnatiusMinuets, Cotillions & Country Dances for the violin, mandolin, German-flute & harpsichord. Composed by an African Most Humbly Inscribed to his Grace Henry Duke of Buccleughchamber group1767fl vn mand hpchm
SanchoIgnatiusA Collection of New Songs, Composed by an African Humbly Inscibred to the Honble Mrs James Brudenell by her most Humble Devoted & Obedient Servant The Authorvocal (accompanied)1769m
SanchoIgnatiusCottillions, Country-Dances, &c. Humbly Dedicated, with Permission, to the Princess-Royal, by her Royal Highness's Most Obedient Servant, Ignatius Sanchochamber group1776m
SanchoIgnatiusTwelve country dances for the year 1779chamber group1779v + hpschm
SowandeFelaKa Murasolo1945Chappell, Londonorgm
SowandeFelaThree Songs of Contemplationvocal (accompanied)1950Chappell, Londonten pnom
SowandeFelaBecause of Youvocal (accompanied)1950Chappell, Londonv + pnom
SowandeFelaFour Sketches for full orchestraorchestral1953orchm
SowandeFelaThree Yoruba Songsvocal (accompanied)1954Ibadanv + pnom
SowandeFelaAfrican Suiteorchestral1955Chappell, Londonhp-strm
SowandeFelaKyriesolo1955Chappell, Londonorgm
SowandeFelaObangijisolo1955Chappell, Londonorgm
SowandeFelaJoshua Fit de Battle of Jerichosolo1955Chappell, Londonorgm
SowandeFelaYoruba Lamentsolo1955Chappell, Londonorgm
SowandeFelaJesu Olugbalasolo1955Chappell, Londonorgm
SowandeFelaSometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Childchoral (unaccompanied)1955Chappell, LondonSATB a cappellam
SowandeFelaMy Way’s Cloudychoral (accompanied)1955Chappell, LondonSATB + pnom
SowandeFelaDe Ol’ Ark’s a-Moverin’choral (unaccompanied)1955Chappell, LondonSATBB a cappella with ten solom
SowandeFelaSame Trainchoral (unaccompanied)1955Chappell, LondonSATBB a cappellam
SowandeFelaSteal Awaychoral (unaccompanied)1955Chappell, LondonSATBB a cappellam
SowandeFelaRoll de Ol’ Chariotchoral (accompanied)1955Chappell, LondonSATBB with pno + rhythm combom
SowandeFelaOut of Zionchoral (accompanied)1955SATB + orgm
SowandeFelaThe Wedding Daychoral (accompanied)1957RDHSSA + pnom
SowandeFelaOyigiyigisolo1958Ricordi, New Yorkorgm
SowandeFelaGloriasolo1958Ricordi, New Yorkorgm
SowandeFelaPrayersolo1958Ricordi, New Yorkorgm
SowandeFelaDe Angels Are Watchinchoral (unaccompanied)1958Ricordi, New YorkSATB a cappella with sop + ten solom
SowandeFelaNobody Knows de Trouble I Seechoral (unaccompanied)1958Ricordi, New YorkSATB a cappellam
SowandeFelaWid a Sword in Ma Hanchoral (unaccompanied)1958Ricordi, New YorkSATBB a cappellam
SowandeFelaResponses in “A”solo1959orgm
SowandeFelaA Folk Symphony - (A Symphony of Nigerian Folk Tunes)orchestral1960MCA/Universal2d 2+1 2 2 4 2 3 1 tmp per cel hrp strm
SowandeFelaOh Render Thanks (hymn-anthem)choral (accompanied)1960SATB + orgm
SowandeFelaNigerian National Anthem (arrangement)choral (accompanied)1960SATB + orgm
SowandeFelaAll I dochoral (accompanied)1961Ricordi, New YorkSATBB with pno + rhythm combom
SowandeFelaGoin’ to set downchoral (unaccompanied)1961Ricordi, New YorkSATB a cappella with sop solom
SowandeFelaCouldn't Hear Nobody Praychoral (unaccompanied)1961Ricordi, New YorkSATB a cappella with sop solom
SowandeFelaWheel, Oh Wheelchoral (unaccompanied)1961Ricordi, New YorkSATB a cappellam
SowandeFelaSit Doum Servantchoral (unaccompanied)1961Ricordi, New YorkTTBB a cappella + ten solom
SowandeFelaK’a Mo Rokososoloorgm
SowandeFelaOba Aba Ke Pesoloorgm
SowandeFelaSt Jude's Responsechoral (accompanied)SATB + orgm
TamusuzaJustinianAbaafa Luli *chamber group1994International OpusAvailablefl ob cl hn bn + all doubling maracasm
TamusuzaJustinianEkivvulu Ky’Endere (An African Festivity for Flute)chamber group1995International OpusAvailablefl va hp marimba maracasm
TamusuzaJustinianOkwanjula (from 'Ekivvulu Ky’Endere')solo1995International OpusAvailableflm
TamusuzaJustinianMu Kkubo Ery 'Omusaalaba (On the Way of the Cross)chamber group1988International OpusAvailable2 vn va vcm
TamusuzaJustinianAbaana Bange Na-Ka-Lwachamber group1996International OpusAvailableBb sop sax el gtr marimbam
TamusuzaJustinianOkukoowoola Kw’Ekkondeere (Horn Call)solo2006International OpusAvailablehnm
TurksonAtoThree Piano Sketches Op. 65solopnom
UzoigweJoshuaOja Flute Suite for flute and pianoduoAM PublishersAvailablefl pnom
UzoigweJoshuaLustra Variations for Symphony Orchestraorchestral2222 2220 tmp perc hp strm
UzoigweJoshuaWatermaidvocal (orchestral)v 2122 2000 tmp perc cel strm
UzoigweJoshuaTalking Drumssolo/chamberpno (opt. drum)m
UzoigweJoshuaRoyal Procession 'Oja' for Wind Quartetchamber group1977m
UzoigweJoshuaTwo Songs for Mixed Choruschoral1. Little Jesus 2. Siren Limitsm